Monday, 30 May 2016

Easy Snacking - Pickled apple/Mango

Something to die for and keeps you salivating too

Pretty easy to make. No added sugar or vinegar

Mango (unriped,must taste sour) or Green Apple or Guava
Assam boi (Sour plum)
real hot cili padi (small chili pepper)
daun limau purut (kaffir lime leaves)

 Just leave it the fridge for 30mins then dig in.Do prepare some water

 Bon apetite!

Homemade Char siew

It has been a while I write anything m a SAHM

So priority is a little bit different and yes m still cooking

And here is something I cook for fun but turn out was good.M sure most of u love char siew.Well one can do it at home without paying exorbitant crazy price in KL ( I fine it very pricey to get just a small little plate of char siew)

Homemade char siew

Recipe & method
1 gula melaka (the one comes in cylinder size)
(a good & pure gula melaka is dark brown color and easily pushed with just using yr thumb)
1 cinnamon stick
2-3 pcs of star anise

Marinade the pork belly (without skin) or chicken breast meat with soya sauce, pepper & huatiao wine or can use mui kwai lo (rose wine) and leave it in the fridge for 4 hrs or overnite
Melt the gula melaka, cinnamon & star anise together in the wok in a very low heat. Once melted put in the pork belly and just a bit of water. Leave it to cook and flipping once in a while for 45 min or until d sauce become gluey (also check whether the meat cook or not).

Guess those who has a Thermomix you can just dump everything in and just let it run (I am assuming and I dont have TM)
And those who has pressure cooker use steam/stew mode for 15- 20min (just dump everything in). Turn off the pressure cooker and change to bake mode and keep turning the pork till the sauce thickened

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This is added with rose wine or "mui kwai lo' -in cantonese

Bon Apetite and happy trying :-)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

SuperStar Libra Cruise Penang/Krabi/Phuket July 2012

My first ever cruise...never been to any before.Yup took me sometime to write .And Starcruise has moved its operation from Port Klang to Penang. I once tried went up starcruise ship when they docked at Awana Porto Malai...I was already excited.

Well, I have been browsing many blogs and tried to get as many info as I could however mostly provide not much in details that I wanted. The most you can find is all abt the food they served on board which most people would say endless food or you wont die of hunger...:-)...

I travelled back to Penang one day earlier cos m a Penangite. Check in time for the cruise is from 12.00 noon to 3.00pm. Once u checked in, they served afternoon tea at the chinese restaurant until 4.00pm.

The port is called Port Swettenham. Near the ferry jetty actually. If u book thru travel agent,some do provide return transfer from KL by of the agent is Hwa Jing Travel (pls note I dont work for them...happen to found them during MATTA fair). During check in at the port U can either send your luggage for them to check in , however is damn long que during peak check in. Or you may bring the lugguage yourself to check in. They will give you a magnetic card, is like your ID to open the door and charges to your room for F & B or if you play Bingo. Each room has 2 keys if you are on twin sharing basis. Upon check in they will also provide you the activity list for 2 days. And also they will tell to prebooked your Gala dinner for tomorrow cos there will be 2 venues for the dinner. And at the check in area, there are so many happening like they welcome you with dances, singging, sell u water. Well, dont need to buy water , cos they provide drinking water daily in the cabin. But is up to you...or you buy extra elsewhere. price may not be cheap.

I have got my cabin on the 3rd floor, therefore from the lobby , I just need to walk 1 floor down. many of you may not know that the cabin is from end of the ship to the other end of the ship. And during check in , i got my room 3055..and I got a window  instead of porthole.Very excited isnt it? Is like full hotel service room.Except no coffee and tea making facilities.Bathroom is small,just have to be careful when u take shower.U cant stretch yourself too much.Bathroom comes with all the toiltteries and no worries got hot shower. Aircond is cold even though I tried to adjust. Bed is really like the bunker size for the navy or military service man. I guess those who paid higher then your room will be different, may be like a suite room.Well , not much space, this is the best they can provide and best comfortability to all guests on board.Thick comforter which I quite like.By the way, they also provide plug point for you to charge hp /laptop .So bring a long a universal adapter. Is a 2 pin plug point

Well the room was find until the ship started to sail, vibrated...noisy...u can hear it loud.Well, I thought, it should be the same for all, cos we are on the sea, it moves...things will shake.

During the afternoon tea, the staff will go around selling you things like the shows (some are free some are chargeable, cheap only - RM10 per person), sell beverages like beer (comes in special barrel).Then around 4.30pm , there is a call for safety drill.Some people may escape from going but I guess no harm learning something extra in case of emergency, you know where to escape and what you must do. So see your key card, it will indicate where u should assemble when there's a need.

And about the room, I did try to get a nap before the drill, was getting louder. And again I ignore. On our first day of dinner, it was a BBQ nite for all and I sat near the engine area, and I felt the vibration and jerking as well like my room. Then I walked to the other end of the ship, I didnt feel anything.And I asked around and my friends said their rooms was perfectly fine.So, this is not going to happen to me for the 3 days on board ...m not be able to catch a good sleep when the rooms has sound of engine and vibrating.

Therefore I decided to go to the reception to ask them to change my room...yes...change my room.They asked me to wait while they checked the  availability.Waited for 30 mins at the lobby and I asked what is happening...they were still checking....huh! They should have asked me to wait in the room, right? And call me when things are ready.Send the bell boys or housekeeper over with the new key card is ready. Finally I got my key card and they took my old card away, then I said how m I suppose to enter my room to take my luggage. Then she said no worries, we will get the housekeeper to open d door. I waited at d door front for 15 mins and I have to walked up again to ask them where is the housekeeper...ohhh...he did'nt go ...I will call them again...and this time housekeeper came within 5 mins.....grrrrr...

See where was my room initially Room No 3055.So folks who r going to enjoy the cruise, if u r assign to the room from 3048 will be noisy cos near the engine..including the other side 3248 onwards.Those rooms are very noisy and vibrate as they cruise. Later I was given 3015...nice n quiet.

Finally we got our nice & quiet was excellent.Therefore decision made was am going to inform you whoever read this blog...make sure you got your room as follows , otherwise you will have sleepless night unless u  plan to gamble whole nite.Well, they may not able to change for you should the occupancy is 100%....subject to availability.

Ohhh...the BBQ which was at Deck 9 where the pool is. Starts at 6pm. A lot of people were already there when I went there at 6.30pm.There are varieties,prawns, beef, lamb, squid, etc. And also a section of local delights, salads, desserts as well. FYI, food is free, beverages is chargeable except sky juice. The staff will go around ask u whether u want beer, juices and  lemon tea @ RM25 per jug.They have a section for vegetarian when I was on board cos there were many Indian tourist as well and majority are vegetarian.

And after BBQ, they make annoucement that there will be a show Michael jackson impersonator at Stardust Lounge .Happily off we go, the lounge almost full, so we got the site section and it was clear view cos no one wants to sit thinking it was bad view but it was alright. Help yourself if u want to order drinks.How was the so only... I expected a lot when it comes to MJ like him, dress like ok if he doesnt look like him. Sing like him too....u know his signature voice and dance a free show.What can u expect. After the end of d show the staff dress up...and came in to be Miss....something something...very funny...some guys dressed up like ladies too. Guess not easy being a staff on board not only u have to be a service staff as well as to entertain the guests on board.

So after the show ended...time to play game....yes...BINGO...the night's catch was RM18,888...cant remember how much was the ticket...I guess something like RM35 for 7 tickets.Just charge to the room card. Anyone won, NO ONE la.Then the night continues with people going into casinos and Karaoke.

It was a full moon, it was nice to be at the most upper deck lying on a lazy chair and enjoy the sea breeze. and from my room, I looked out, I can see the waves was strong too. Went to bed around 12 midnight. And i could felt it was going left n right. And anyone of who are sensitive, take seasick pill and go to bed early cos a few of my friends felt dizzy even on such a big ship.Well I couldnt balance my self too when I go to the loo...So when u are on the bed , u dun feel anything .

Day 2 - Krabi

Breakfast served at 6am - 10am....Well, I have less than 30 min to eat up. Cos it was nice to Zzzz There are a few places for Bfast. Western & chinese (set) and international buffet at Deck 9. They need your room card to check you in when you have taken yr b'fast. If u have taken at Chinese restaurant and don't feel is full, and u go to International buffet, you will be charged at RM30 per dont think u can have 2x.

Those who booked excursion tours thru the cruise ship are allow to get down first.They will make annoucement where to assemble.Well, all of of us didnt book any cos we want free and easy. And the tours offered on board were more expensive than those offered on the mainland. And we (free and easy) assemble at stardust lounge as they numbered you on a sticker.I suggest go early to assemble to get an early numbers. Wasted sometime while we assemble on board cos we have to wait for our turn and lost some time on Krabi. The ship docked in midddle of the sea cos there is no proper port in Krabi.Therefore, they use a smaller boat to ship passenger to ground.By the time we get ourselves in Krabi ground,it was already 12 noon. We rented a tuk tuk @ 1200THB (there were 13 of us) until 5pm...yes, we have to get back at 5pm or else the ship say bye bye to us.

 We dictate to tuk tuk driver as to where we want to off we go to to Tiger Cave temple (Wat Tum Sua)...spend quite sometime there and got blessing from the monk. And at 3pm , we head to Krabi town for lunch..all of us were super hungry after climbing the pagoda.No shopping there cos our intention was not shopping at all. Enjoy good lunch ...had Pork leg rice, Latna (like our Malaysia's wat tan hor") clear tomyum soup...fried mince pork with basil leave, chicken rice....yum yum...all of us just enjoy the local fair.

Then we tot of heading Ao Nang Beach to have a good massage however time do not permit us except a stopover for pictures and view the area in brief. However, one of our friend managed to get a suit done at 3500THB and they deliver to him back in Malaysia. However, I don't suggest to do that. You must at least be there when is ready to try it on. If not ok, at least to get it alter. Another note, when the tailor take your measurement, please ensure they leave an inch for you to breath on every joint they sew...especially armpit, elbow (the width), shoulder,pants (near yr groin), hip area..well...all areas. U need space to stretch, squat and movement. Dont let them say ok....u need to look fit, new design is all tight fitting...if u want tight fitting, get a spandex or lycra...not on your jacket or pants cos the material has got no spandex.

Ao Nang Beach

During this period (July), Krabi seems quiet cos is low season, some shops are not open too. I enjoyed it cos not many people however is not a good season...raining. And sea is very choppy.So Island hopping or visiting phi phi island or whatever island is not recommendable during this monsoon season.

FYI, the jetty is only 5 mins away from Ao Nang beach. So if you wanna spend time shopping and by the beach and massage. Just head to Ao Nang beach when u are off the ship. U can hire a tuk tuk that cost ard 600THB for return. They wait for you. And this is a price of 12 pax in the tuktuk and low season rate. If not just negotiate one way first and get another tuk tuk to go back to jetty.

And we have to get back to Jetty by 5.00pm or we will be left at we rushed at the last 5 min left for us....LOL!...long que at the jetty , guess everyone also rushed at last hour too.

And we need to get ready for the Gala Dinner which we booked ourselves for western dinner at the Western Restaurant. So , dress up for that night.No need to be over.Respect lar for the Gala Dinner.The Captain was on his tuxedo.U can do your hair also at the ship.Wash & blow @ RM65.

Prior to dinner, everyone were asked to go to Stardust lounge you will be entertain by staff and also philipino singers.All important staff were introduced then at 7.00pm..all guests were urshered to the restaurants for dinner.

There's a choice for appetiser and main course. Just try everything if you have a group friends go with you. Order different things so that you can try everything. They give assorted bread rolls...U can also ask for refill. Love them all. And staff will come to you to sell beverages...not free.Sky juice is free. And suddenly they will do a food presentation as well as introduce all the crew. The captain was seated on VIP table together with VIP guests, who are they, absolutely no idea. Do becareful if u order ceasar salad should it is in d menu cos those of u don't take beef, there's beef inside. Otherwise the choice of menu was good and taste not bad.

After the Gala dinner , there's a show in Stardust off we go...what show? cant really recall. And followed by a paid show...I didnt go. Is a show put up by the staff.Heard from friends, they catch the guests on board to participate as well. they have a fun nite I guess is worth going . Pay only RM10.

Well, after that I retired to bed.

Day 2 - Phuket

Reach Phuket around 12 noon. Weather was not good at all. During this period is a monsoon season, therefore the cruise ship didnt dock near Patong Beach. Is at Port of Phuket (the other side of the Phuket).It will take 45 min - 1 hr to Patong Beach.

Again we didnt take any package fr the cruise. When we got down we negotiated for 2 van. Managed to get the price of 2400THB. Now, I must warn you, Phuket's van for hire are like gangster. Tell u why later. Well I dunno whether is this driver only or the rest r the same.You guys observe should you go there. We thought hiring a van n dictate where we wanna go however he say no no...u go here here...ya the touristy place as usual and wanna earn commision...which I understand.However, Phuket was not our first trip, therefore we wanna skip all d places he mentioned. We did go to cashew nut factory and alot of us bought it. And also bee farm...which most of us bought honey as well. he want to take us elephant ride...which none of us are interested, just take us to Wat Chalong.

Then we want Lunch...we say local food .He say okok...he took us to a beach front seafood restaurant and all of us saw many tourist van and foreigners. All of us knew sure we will be surprised to see the bill later. So we insised NO...we dont want to eat here.He said price ok cheap cheap Take us to Central supermarket where there's a food court.And whoever wants to eat anything up to them The driver wasnt happy at all, he pulled a long face.

And finally we reach Central...ahhh so many things to eat, but we just head foodcourt,they have got everything there. Some did some shopping too. After the lunch, we say head to Patong, we want to go massage, he said no, I take u to massage in Phuket town , we say no no, go Patong straight...we know his intention la...cos he wanna take us to the place he knew and earn commission.

And suddenly it rained heavily while we were on the way to Patong. When we reach Patong, he dropped us at another Central, i said no take us to Holiday Inn area...he say u can walk there and is very where to park...I said u just drop us...them come back later...he wasnt happy at all...he angrily reversed his van like didnt care what was behind him....vrommmmm vrommm......he dropped us there. (It was raining and we of course dun have umbrella , obviously dont wanna walk there) and lost my bearing too. Was in Phuket donkey years ago.And there's no central supermarket too.So much of changes in Phuket.Becoming too commercialised.

V have got another group in another van told us that the driver also insist taking them to a massage parlour that he knows but they also dont want and tell them is expensive in Patong. They also didnt want to go to Phuket Town. They told the driver just go around Patong area. And they saw signages of massages that cost only 250THB for an hour.So he asked the driver to stop and the driver got down too and told the owner to charge them higher and gave him commision.Of course conversation was in Thai but my friend know numbers. So eventually my friend and gang decided not to have massage in that shop that the driver negotiated but went to d next shop instead. You see how money minded and how greedy these drivers are.Not an honest one folks watch out when u are there. may be I was bad luck .This is the worst of Thai people's hospitality that I come across. Mind you, I love going to Thailand for holidays.

Well, it was raining heavily, one of our friend bought disposable rain coat for us @ 100THB...and again we met another seller who was not honest, we told him, 2 of your rain coat are torn, he said we did it. Why on earth we wanna tear the rain coat when are in need of one. Moreover, paying 100THB for the el-cheapor material which I find overcharged. I would have pay him only 20THB for that filmsy material.We want to exchange it but he insist NO.So we were all angry and threw it back to them.Neither we want a refund.So that was the downside of our trip to Phuket.

We had our massage in a descent place.Cost us 700THB for 2 hrs which is quite expensive for Thailand.Not so good. 1hr Thai massage and 1 hrs Oil massage ...Oil massage SUCKS!!!.Some took shower there too.

Then we walk to an isolated street to have a sumptious dinner . U will see discos n pubs around. These area is cheap hardly frequent by tourist....something like Bangla St. Total damage

Well, being a 1st timer on a cruise I truly enjoy myself and the whole gang of people that came along too. Of course, please dont compare international cruise which I cant afford:-)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Myanmar - The Golden Land

Most people said to visit Myanmar now dont go later as they just open up..I have been to laos & what is the difference here. And I read somewhere that Dec is usually the peak season

Suddenly I saw Air Asia Big miles redemption 10 miles only to Yangon...without hesitating ok is cheap therefore paid only RM183 all in (taxes & luggage) per pax...And fyi...stupid BIG website not so good as compare to AA webiste itself...I booked for 4 person and was supposedly deduct 40miles...I ended up being deducted 500 miles...cos i include baggage.That website is so screwed up. Shouldnt they inform us that you may pay your luggage separately or there should be a scroll down option to pay or deduct our miles. I enquired however they took quite a while to reply via FB..And that special 10 miles redemption valid only for 1 day and I was in hurry to book I pay with miles for 4 pax. It worked in a way that you book the flight first and managed your booking later which include the baggage. And the system here at BIG website didnt work like AA website. When they charge the credit card, there's no notification of paswword (OTP) for you to charge the card via was charged right away...cant they standardise it???

Anyway apply VISA in KL. And the price has increased from RM80 to RM110. And it takes 2 days. Meanning Monday submit , Wednesday can take. Last time it used to be 5 working days. Find it expensive. Even China is cheaper. Wonder they are under Asean, shouldnt they are VISA free for Asians..ummm

Document to submit
1)2 passport size photo with white background
2) Confirm air tix
3) Passport & photocopy x 1
4) Application Form

Nov/Dec/Jan /Feb - PEAK SEASON. Hotel increase price A LOT. This year there has been an increased cos more n more tourist.

You may check out hotels here


Change your USD at the airport not outside USD1 = 846kyat (that is for USD100 rate).Change it after u have stamped yr passport .Just head straight u will see a money changer before u exit to the arrival hall. There's one at the arrival hall however rate is a bit lower. Is ok if your note is folded in half however make sure it looks & feel new

Outside hotel exchange rate USD1- 836 kyat. And if you change USD50 u will only get 830 kyat
* rates above is at early Dec 2012

Good news to those who has Celcom network.It works for you.You can roam there. Rates can be extremely expensive.

Other network --- sorry lar

Myanmar Prepaid SIM card - 20,000 kyat (RM72). calls are expensive for international USD0.09. Once you finish means top up.U got to buy another sim card

Hotel international call - USD3.00
local call - 300 kyat

Public phone in yangon - 500 kyat per local call. Someone will look after the public phone and pay to them. Is not a coin phone like ours.

                                                                           Public Phone

So make sure u book yourself in a hotel that provide free wifi so that u can whatsapp,viber or skpe.

Hotels is extremely hard to get during Dec. Was not raining however weather is super HOT too. The sun was bright n sunny. Bagan is cold in the morning and at night late morning n afternoon is super hot.

Stayed at Crystal Palace hotel, Yangon (cant find those cheap one like Ocean Pearl or Motherland which will provide you free transfer fr airport).Airport transfer to this hotel is 6000kyat with air cond .Room Price USD36 per night wz B'fast (all hotels price increased during Dec). Nothing great abt the hotel but owner is nice . Is a 1 star rated hotel. Very dated room. Aircond is old n loud noise. Can be difficult to Zzzz if u r sensitive. Bathroom - can see some dark dark stuff on the wall. Well just wear slipper n take yr shower).Room's floor is also old and dated.Not carpeted which is good cos they dun have vacuum cleaner. They sweep.They have carpet along the corridor Just bring along a inroom shoes. Floor mat like never wash. Bedsheet is clean.Blanket is fleece but like never wash however they do have a layer clean sheet covering it.Matress is extremely soft  (not springy)like u squeeze a me dont like it. Prefer a firm matress

Breakfast you may choose western breakfast ( 2 sunny sideup/1 sausage), toast, coffee or tea,jam & margerine, orange cordial .Or Myanmar B'fast (dried noodle) or Mohinga Bfast (pls dun choose this...hard to swallow...but if you wanna try go ahead)

The hotel I stayed is very near Shwedagon Pagoda so is just within walking distance. And there's an another Hotel called which along the same road as Crystal Palace Hotel (room rate - from USD60...yup extremely high.Is for foreigners' price).You can go there for massage @ 3rd Floor. Traditional massage @ 10,000 kyat (RM36) & foot massage @ 7000kyat. Dont pay in USD cos it will cost more (however depending on yr exchange rate)

May Shan hotel is near Sule Pagoda. Traders (high end) hotel is near Bogyoke Market

Anywhere you go just flag a taxi...their taxi can be extremely old. And some are like about to send to kereta potong. So if you are heading there during low season ...I guess is raining or could be hot...I suggest always ask for taxi with aircond. Just pay a bit more. And you dont wanna inhale dust too but if you dont mind, you may go ahead without aircond taxi

All taxis are in red number plate.These are newer & with aircond
Taxi From the hotel - railway station - 2000kyat no aircond
- bus station - 6000 kyat aircond (1 hr )
- return from bus station 8000 kyat cos it was 3.00am
- Chinatown @ 2000 kyat aircond

Entrance Fee to Shwedagon (go at night cos they light up - very beautiful) - USD5 or 4500 kyat. (here pay in USD r more worth it but depending what you get after conversion)


Circular Train - 3hrs ride to see rural areas. However, if you dont have much time can go for 1/2 ride. All cost USD1 per person. 1st service starts at 6.10am & last service is at 2.25pm. Perhaps take the 8.20am cos not so hot. 10am onwards extremely hot even though is Dec. Just go to Platform 7 buy ticket from the ticket officer. Show yr passport. If you want half ride also get from Platform 7 but the train is at Platform 5. sit near window at least u get the breeze. Open your eyes & see. Open your mind and heart too.This is like their daily LRT service. However d train is like set in the 30s ..wont say much but experience it yourself.

Chinatown is not like Bangkok chinatown. The chinese here can speak Hokkien, Cantonese & Toi san (which is hard to understand). Can find chinese food here ...very glad...dunno why but happy to see porridge & noodles. Cost abt 800 - 1000 kyats. There's an alley near a Kuan Yin temple sells lot's of food.Tried the porridge & noodles there.

We had myanmar economy rice near Shwedagon Pagoda & opp Uni of Yangon. Cost 5 of us 5500 - 6500 kyats. Got lot of dishes..dishes are in a separate plate.Best way to try out local food...taste wise ok lar..edible. Dont expect it like Thai food.


Took bus (flight is also available - Air Bagan)- 9 hrs. depart at 7pm
Fare - 15000 kyat per way
Bus Company - Shwe Mandalar (there could be more than 1 bus company travel there). Ask hotel to buy
Their bus service is good & clean. They provide fleece, small pillow, a bottle of water, tooth brush & paste and a wet towel (better than AA flight :-) ). They made 2 stops on d highway.Very clean R & R and modern. As good as our R & R. Make sure the taxi take you right to the bus company where your bus is. The station is super big , dark and signages

Hotel - Aung Mingalar. Walking distance from where the bus drop us. Booked thru Agoda @ USD40 nett with bfast. Convenient location. When we reached there it was very dark (4am) & cold. Luckily hotel very near. And Shwezigone temple is right in front the hotel. Matress soft like sponge also. Aircond OK. Hot water not really working. TV sometimes OK....ESPN,HBO & chinese channel By the way, take a look at the mini bar what they have inside n snap a picture.They claimed we drank a coke n ask us to pay which we didnt. No floor mat . This place has lot's trees around however very dusty.Lobby like never mob. Wifi have to pay....very kedekut (stingy)

Drop our bag at the hotel when we reached. Then rent a bycycle @ 2000 kyat/2500 per day (depending on what type of bicycle)to catch the sunrise at 6.00am. make sure your bicycle's break is working, tyre got air and seat is comfortable. Dunno where we are heading to but a lot of ppl r cycling, so we just follow. Or just ask ppl around who woke up early. It was awesome as the sunrise. see it for yourself. We are actually heading old Bagan. Is a good exercise to cycle. And after the sunrise visit the rest of the ruins & temples. Must take off shoes if you are going to climb the pagoda to take photos

 Anadaphaya temple - 900yrs old

 one of the 4 standing buddha @Anandaphaya temple

Or you may rent a horse cart @ 15000 kyat - 18000 kyat..per day. 2 - 3 pax per cart.

The bus actually drop us at Nyaung U - is near the market u can cycle there to take a peek. Nothing much on shopping.

Nyaung -U a bit dirty & dusty. Food can be very oily.My advise eat in a bit expensive restaurant. Dont eat roadside food. Mohinga food is very famous here.You may want to try but becareful...choose clean place to eat.Try to drink lassi also.

Hygiene is an issue here. Food may cause diarrhea (we experienced it during the trip to Bagan).Therefore it is advisable to bring along charcoal & Immodium. Hardly see any pharmacy there. And you probably dont understand the medication provided.

Mohinga Food

You may choose to go back Yangon by early bus also should there be nothing much to see. Or continue your journey to mandalay or Inle Lake. Or head to Mt Popa- 1 hr drive from Bagan. Cost Approximately 35000 - 45000 kyat per car. you may ask hotel or outside operators for the price.

Other hotels you may look into May Khar lar Guest house (budget), thiri marlar hotel (better & comfortable). Eden Motel, NewPark Hotel...Read their review at TripAdvisor.