Saturday, 22 December 2007

Bandung..Shopping Heaven

I Heard a lot about Bandung .. a great shopping area for factory outlet.Yes! U hear me right shopping for branded goods.Some says is even better than the US Warehouse sale. How true it is...Well, I have no idea cos I have not been to US.

You can fly direct to Bandung with Air Asia ( from KuaLa Lumpur (Malaysia).Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a direct flight therefore I have to fly to Jakarta (MH- cost >RM1000) then took MPV to Bandung . Is about 2 and half hours or 3 hrs journey via highway. Cost RP550,000 after we bargain or else they will ask for RP750,000. Insist to take your own luggage & if u handed over to porter, u have to pay.That's what I got when I was half way walking towards the car and the driver somehow hand over my luggage to a porter & I have to almost pay for it. And I don't have small change at all.It will probably cost you RP3000 - RP5000.

The highway was not as pleasant as our North South highwayin Malaysia. Is very bumpy along the way. They have great R & R . You have to pay some money to enter the loo...dunno how much.

I was staying at Jalan Cihampelas - not a great area to stay.So I don't recommend to stay this area.Hardly find good & clean food stalls. This street is also known as Jeans Street. Yes, they sell all kinds of jeans...well I never bother to take a look.But the outlet here are very interesting cos they build super heroes character like spiderman, tarzan, batman etc outside the outlet to attract people.

You can actually rent a car to take you around. Hotels here are not cheap.The one that I stayed in cost a BOMB...Approximately USD152...north worth paying for an Asian & is just normal to me! However, u can stay at this hotel called Sukajadi Hotel.Quite convenient & happening. Walking distance to all the factory outlet .Very reasonable & clean as per my friend.U can book it via Air asia website or contact them directly

Went to a factory outlet called Rumah Mode - got variety of branded clothes that u don't want to miss. From casual wear to office wear (for man,woman & children too) If u are tired, there are places for u to sit or hang around & have a drink. The clothes prices will range from RP20,000 (USD2) to RP200,000 (USD20 - 30) may be.So choose whatever you want. There are more outlet next to Rumah Mode (pronounce as Mo de not Mode) which is actually called Jln Setiabudi. You can even go to Dago for shopping as there are many more outlets.And the factory outlet are every where.So check it yourself too.

Well, my trip to Bandung was actually short & I didn't have time to go around by myself & to venture more abt this area. Didn't had the chance too to try the local food which I am very dissapointed or to get to know this place more.

By the way, if you are flying direct to Bandung, just got to becareful with the porters too.Just take your own luggage.

According to the local, the weather used to be very cold but not anymore.While I was there it was about 31 degree.

Well, if I have opportunity to go again, I will tell you more .

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Bandung..... Shopping Heaven!

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