Tuesday, 15 January 2008


No it's not the clock ticking away.

Is something you would probably heard when u were young, this man will go around your neighborhood, he peddle his bicycle or while he stop to attract his customers, he will start flapping the 2 steels...tock..tock..tock

And no is not the 'Tock Tock mee" or what u call now "wan tan mee.I am sure people from Penang would know what is tock tock mee.

He is the man who made the tock tock sweets. U hardly see it on the street this days. Youngsters may not know what is this man selling, perhaps your parents or grandparents would know.

I found this man in the picture in SS2 Petaling Jaya.So I bought the long forgotten sweets...ummm ya, it did bring back some old memories (Costs a bit pricey but hey..if u buy any sweets, it will probably cost you RM3.50 for 100g. This is more than 100g). It was good as ever.I saw him had this sticker in front of his bicycle if u watched AEC channel on Astro (Channel 301 every Sun at 10pm , Ah Xian - he recommends all types of food around Malaysia with some history background of the food bussiness and Ah Xian is a very humourous guy. Watch it cos he is very different from any food programme on TV)

Then a few days later I saw him in front of O & S coffee house at Sea Park, PJ. He is very old, already 70+ (if I am not mistaken).He is selling this sweets even before our Malaysia Independence day. This old man is from Seremban..and no he didn't peddle from Seremban but he got a van transport (yes together with his bicycle) that will take him to KL, Ipoh and Johor.Yes, u got it right, This is where he sells his sweets that he made by himself.

Why is he still selling at this old age? I guess this is what makes him happy & strong, meeting people, telling his stories from north to south. Wonder he has children to inherit his little business or even expand it to bigger market before people forgot about this handmade sweet in future.Wonder will he teach anyone how to do this sweet.Is not easy and u need some "kung fu".Is a combination of sugar and honey and u got to keep on kneading it to the right texture...well,I hope someone will remember this traditional & authentic handmade sweet.

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