Friday, 23 January 2009

Package and Mail Forwarding, USA mailing address, US Order Fulfillment

Get A US Mailing Address

Use your U.S. mailing address to receive items anywhere in the world Establish a virtual office in the USA

Shop online and receive your purchases
Receive Mail, Packages, and Faxes from anyone

Access you Mailbox Manager online: Distribute your products in the USA:
-View your mailbox contents and have us forward them to you
-Order package or mail forwarding services to your country or wherever you are
-Discard unwanted mail – don’t pay to for unnecessary remailing services
-Order scans for documents that you need to urgently review

Take advantage of our member services
-USA magazine subscriptions and Personal Shopping assistance
-RV Mail Forwarding Services - wherever you are!
and much more...


Anita said...

If you need an actual US Street Address, not virtual, not a PO Box, set up an account with
Great service, live chat, tracking, shipping info, whatever you need

A US Address with Bongo will allow you to shop online with any US retailer in the future : )

Rockerteers said...

Hi Anita

Thanks for your info.There are actually many more out there.