Wednesday, 5 May 2010

NO NO NO for this Salted Chicken

Was away up north over the weekend and had a stopover in Ipoh to "cari makan", love to buy salted chicken to be given away to friends. Unfortunately, the usual shop that I used to go was closed. Therefore I opt for another shop - Wan li Xiang (Near Lou Wong Chicken Rice). There are approximately 4 shops selling salted chicken around this area.

This is only my personal opinion that I don't recommend this shop though they had a picture taken together with Hong Kong celebrity chef. They have got a variety besides the normal "tong kwai ' salted chicken@ RM16 per bird , there are 'tong kwai" salted duck @ RM25 per bird & black pepper salted chicken @ RM16 per bird

Bought 3 "tong kwai ' salted chicken and 1 black pepper salted chicken. And gaveaway the tong kwai salted chicken and I ate the black pepper chicken

OMG.....!!! SO SO SO SALTY. I guess that shop got free SALT. Like eating salted fish. Can't taste the chicken's sweetness. Can't eat it for fun but u need  to eat with rice. Don't smell of "tong kwai' also. Can't finish all. Worried I will get hypertension if I eat too much. Therefore I kept some and may be making them into another dish....haiizzzz!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Conclusion - I don't favour or vote for this shop at all.

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