Monday, 17 September 2007

Ramadhan Market

All Muslims around the world is currently fasting during the ramadhan. As a muslim they will fast the whole day , no food & liquid will be allowed. They are only allow to eat in the very early morning "sahur" and evening for dinner.They will fast for a month.

And me a non muslim and everyone too enjoy going to the ramadhan market during this time to buy some food for dinner and as for muslim is to open fast.

Sad to say, I find food at the ramadhan market are quite expensive especially in KL like Taman Tun Dr ISmail ramadhan market. A piece of ayam percik or grilled chicken (drumstick with thigh) will cost you RM5.00 per piece. How much is a kg of chicken -Is only RM6.00 per kg. Is this expensive?Well, for me is expensive and I don't know about others.

A lemang - 3in long. Cost about RM1.00. Beef rendang - very little cost about RM3.00.Otak-Otak Muar - 5pcs for RM3.00....???

And Hotels in KL too are charging a sky high for ramadhan buffet dinner. You will not find RM50++ for a 5 star hotel. I think the price would range from RM80++ per person.

Ramadhan Market

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