Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Instant Noodle with Roasted Duck

My another version of cooking Maggi Mee


1 pack of Maggi Mee (Any instant noodle but my favourite is Maggie)
1/2 cube of maggie instant ikan bilis stock
500 ml of water
5 pcs (Just purchase 1/4 roasted duck.can eat 2 person)
Sesame seed oil
Hua Tiao Wine
white pepper
Some green vege (yaw Mak, lettuce or anything suitable for soup)


-Boiled the water with the ikan bilis cube, add in Hua Tiao wine
- And another boiling water to cook the instant noodle
- once the noodle is half cook pour out the water place the noodle in the boiling soup
- once the soup come to a boiling stage, add in the vege and switch off the fire. Add the roasted duck
- dash in some sesame seed oil & white pepper

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