Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fried Mee Suah

I used to have Mee Suah on very 1st day of Chinese New Year. Is a Hokkien tradition .My mom will cook the soup with slow cooker on Chinese New Year Eve....ingredients are Duck, pig's stomach, kampung chicken, lean meat and dried scallop. She will put everything into slow cooker before she sleep and the next morning she just need to add some salt and cook d mee suah and serve us.

And Taiwanese tradition, they will take mee suah with pork's trotter if someone overcome some bad luck. And they have this famous street food called Oyster Mee Suah which is also available in KL from shihlin street food. Love it too.

And a confinement mom will usually take mee suah with kampung chicken cook with old ginger and sesame seed oil. Very heaty stuff.But I love it.

Bought some mee suah  from Setiawan, Perak, handmade by the Foochow (Hockchew).As you can see there are 2 version. I boiled the fatter one and kept in the fridge overnite. (however not necessary but must prepboiled the mee suah till soft before frying them)...I find that I can make japanese style cold soba also... so this will be cold mee suah...LOL!Just add some soya sauce, spring onion, dash of sesame seed oil and some "char siew" to go with it....sounds yummy too.

Anyway, here's the Fried Mee Suah ingredient :-
(WEll you are most welcome to add in anything you is suppose to be long as you must have some common sense about food on what to mix)

1) Mushroom (anytype)
2) Chicken strips, roasted pork, raw pork (well any type of meat)
3)Cabbage - cut into smaller pcs/carrot also can be an option but cut into strips.
4) Prawns (optional)

1) Vegetarian oyster sauce
2) soya sauce
4) Sesame seed oil
5)dark soya sauce
6) Hua Tiao wine

Method of cooking
1) Add some oil into wok, some chopped garlic.Fried until fragrant
2) add roasted pork (or whatever meat you have).Add in a few dash of Hua Tiao wine.
3) Add mushroom & cabbage...then some water. fried until the cabbage soft.
4) Lastly  add in the mee suah (Which I pre-boiled them)... Then add the vegetarian oyster sauce & some dash of soya sauce and dark sweet sauce and again some water.The mee suah will actually half soak in water..cook until water are reduce.
5. When serve add a few dash sesame seed oil , pepper, & deep fried garlic.

VOILA...Bon Appetite

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